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And, to prevent that you end up paying more than needed, it includes a number of fraud prevention tools that include a traffic source validator. Top referral program software solutions available that can help you to take advantage of word-of-mouth advertising. In addition, it also offers partner and affiliate marketing software to help ensure your best affiliates stay engaged. Check out their Pro Unlimited plan, which allows unlimited affiliates, only costs $129 a month. Plus, it comes with a 90-day free trial that does not require any payment information on your end.

Some Instagram monetization features like “Badges,” Instagram’s tipping tool for IG Live, require that creators have at least 10,000 followers. Many of these programs also are limited to certain countries, have an age minimum of 18, and require accounts to be registered as business or creator accounts on the app. Find the offer that fits your content or ad, generate your link, and then start earning money as an affiliate. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting products from another brand or company.

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Evaluating the level of automation available with your affiliate management software will ensure that repetitive tasks are automated, saving time and resources while increasing accuracy. This marketing automation process reduces manual efforts, allowing more time for other activities like tracking performance metrics or expanding networks. Is a performance marketing platform you can use to manage, track, analyze, and optimize online advertising campaigns in real-time.

It also works with online course-selling programs Kajabi and Thinkific, as well as the Post Affiliate Pro tracking software. PayKickstart has three plans but its affiliate program is only accessible to Growth ($199/month for $50,000 monthly revenue earners) and Scale ($299/month for $200,000 monthly revenue earners) plan holders. Easily scale your influencer marketing program and manage it end-to-end. Keep track of each of your campaigns using Refersion’s tracking features, which generate reports so you can see the bigger picture and make informed decisions in scaling your influencer campaigns. For instance, Tess Barclay, a Toronto-based nano influencer who creates lifestyle content, started earning money with a few thousand Instagram followers.

Who Can Be An Affiliate Marketing Program Seller?

The best affiliate marketing software makes it simple and easy to make money from your website using different income streams. An affiliate network is a group of companies that sometimes offer compatible or complementary products and will often pass leads to each other. Becoming successful through affiliate marketing takes time, skill, and experience. However, it may suit beginners a bit better than alternative platforms since you do not have to invest in physical merchandise or inventory at the start. The internet and improving technologies are making the model easier to implement.

Affiliate partners and customers need not worry about privacy threats, as TUNE deploys an intelligent system to prevent fraudulent behavior. TUNE is among the few affiliate marketing platforms to showcase transparency In their security system. Post Affiliate Pro has long been supporting merchants, affiliate marketers, and networks since 2004. It boasts of flexible use cases for both affiliate programs and networks, supporting affiliate tracking, lead generation, and milestone-based bonuses.


If you’re new to B2B affiliate marketing, it operates very similarly to B2C affiliate marketing — except the commissions are usually higher and typically paid out for longer. Think recurring revenue of % of a sale for the lifetime of the customer you helped create. Formerly known as Linkshare, Rakuten is one of the oldest affiliate networks in the game.

  • CJ Affiliate is a popular affiliate marketing program with global reach, formerly known as Commission Junction which goes back to 1998.
  • I do hope this post has helped you narrow down your search for a good fit and I wish you luck in finding a partner marketing system that meets all of your needs.
  • All of the tools that we discussed offer either some form of free trial or demo.

These commissions can range from less than 1% to 20% or more, depending on the product and level of referral volume. For online campaigns, a customized link or referral code is used to track sales. In this sense, it is a source or passive income since the affiliate can continue to earn money once they have set up their campaign. Affiliate marketing software platforms serve as a powerful tool for affiliates.

This will leave you with more time to focus on finding the right affiliates and creating captivating content. According to their website, in as little as 30 minutes you can set up a partner and referral program. To help you continue saving time after your program is up and running, it lets you manage partners and get full control of them via a single platform.

Affiliate management programs automatically calculate commissions and let you pay affiliates through integrations with popular payment systems. The software has a feature that allows you to run a real-time contest among your affiliates, boosting your sales at the launch of a new service or product and motivating your network. Meanwhile, its user-friendly affiliate profile lets your partners easily manage their payout information and secure tax documents. This platform became popular among new online entrepreneurs during its 2016 launch for its shopping cart solution. The company also provides a creative library to assist your digital marketing campaigns, robust tracking, and real-time data, so you can analyze your performance month over month.

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I have to say that it’s really difficult to choose which is the best among all these great affiliate tracking software. And they should provide you with all the needed support and affiliate management features to easily track and engage your affiliate’s success. One of the nice things about ClickFunnels is how easy it is to use and integrates with other affiliate management software on this list. Starting from, the integration capabilities with other tools, follow-up with your affiliates, asset management, and swift payout functionality feature. It has been helping online businesses for years, to help keep track of leads, manage commission payouts, and a bunch of other pretty stuff. Post Affiliate Pro offers a free 14-day trial, giving you time to test drive the software.

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